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'Tour with people that have 27 years of exprience

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By cutting out the London part of the tour parents will save R10309 on the tour price in 2019. You will not need a visa for the United Kingdom and we are including all breakfasts and dinners. The tour is exactly three weeks long, but in total it will cost R16775 less than in 2018.



The price of the tour is R41 563.00 if you are flying from Cape Town or Johannesburg. The tour can only be paid with EFT or Cash. No credit cards will be accepted. The price of the tour is based on an exchange rate of R15.43 to the Euro. If the exchange rate of flights changes, the tour price will be affected. The final price will be calculated om 1 May 2019.

How do we calculate the final price? We subtract R12 500 for the plane ticket and admin costs from the total = R29063.00. The R29063.00 will be divided by the original exchange rate as stated above. R29063 ÷ 15.43 = € 1883. That is then the Euro cost of the tour without the flights. On 1 May 2019 the € 1883 will then be multiplied by the buying exchange rate of the day, for example if the exchange rate of the day is R15 : €1883 x 15.00 = R28245.00. The R12 500 for the flights will then be added to this amount again. This means that if the exchange rate strengthens to R15, the tour price will decrease to R40 745. If the exchange rate weakens, the tour price will increase.



The first deposit of R4000 is payable when you submit your entry form. On 1 Dec 2018 you will pay a further R4000. The balance will be due before 10 May 2019.


  • Economic class plane tickets from Cape Town or Johannesburg. NB Airport Tax of +- R3000 is excluded.
  • All travel cost as indicated on the itinerary.
  • All city tours, tourist attractions and boat cruises as indicated on the program.
  • Accommodation in Youth Hostels of Cabins.
  • One Travel bag.



  • Visa’s and passports. We will assist you in obtaining the visa, but you will be responsible for the payment of the visa.
  • Lunch
  • Tours and activities that do not form part of the itinerary. Museum fees and entry fees not included in the itinerary.
  • Pocket Money: Nobody will be allowed to take more than Euro 1000 pocket money, but Euro 600 is more than enough.
  • Insurance +- R600.
  • Airport Tax. We expect it to be less than R3000.



Lots of Free time

  • Accommodation is not luxurious. You will share accommodation with 6 people. In most places you will have shared ablutions.

  • European Camp sites are not nearly as clean as South African camp sites.

  • It will sometimes be expected of you to help with dishes and other small tasks.

  • You will be treated as a young adult, but it will be expected of you to keep to certain rules. If you do not want to stick to rules as set out in the agreement, please do not bother to enter.

  • This tour is not a drinking tour and we uphold Christian norms.

  • There are compulsory activities.