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Jip Tour 2023: Celebrating 30 Years of Success!


In 2023, the Jip Tour celebrates its 30th anniversary. As our young people and the economy evolve, so does the tour. We also learn from past experiences and value the opinions of those who have been on previous tours. That's why we are making significant changes for 2024, focusing on continuous improvement.

The JIPTOER is not just about visiting places; it's about gaining a head start in life. Our tour leaders serve as supervisors and are renowned for their excellent contribution to education. An overseas tour is not a mere vacation for them; it's a meaningful investment. It's not about sightseeing either, or playing games that can be done anywhere else. Our goals are of utmost importance, and this goal-driven approach has allowed Temba College and Travel to offer the Jip Tour at least annually since 1993 (except during Covid time). We want you to enjoy the tour, but more importantly, we want it to provide you with an edge that can be hard to achieve elsewhere.

Education is our passion, and we have received international recognition for our methods. Learning will seamlessly blend into your tour experience, and you'll likely find yourself enjoying the journey. Our main objectives for the tour are:

1. Teach young people to prioritize their safety.
2. Encourage true experiences of Europe, not just passing through.
3. Offer insights into the economy.
4. Foster understanding and respect for diversity in opinions, skin color, orientation, and gender.
5. Enable you to navigate big cities independently.
6. Cultivate love and empathy, even in challenging situations.
7. Demonstrate that a person's value is measured by their actions, not external appearances.
8. Show that happiness comes from appreciating the small things, not chasing material possessions.
9. Prepare you to serve your country, school, family, and community with love as responsible young adults.
10. Equip you for potential studies and work in Europe or anywhere else.
11. Measure the tour's success by how much it positively impacts your life and achievements.



Amsterdam remains an important destination, but in 2024, we will also visit Berlin, Fussen, and Innsbruck. These areas play a more significant role in the modern world, and we believe exposure to them will further enhance your success in achieving our goals.

Our culture remains unchanged; we still mainly stay at campsites and participate in camp activities. Youth hostels or campsite cabins provide accommodation, and we'll even rent bikes in Amsterdam for a true European experience.


During the tour, we'll cook together in Amsterdam and Italy, and each of you will be expected to contribute to smaller tasks. However, our full-time cook will handle most of the work. Your active participation is crucial to the tour's success, including kitchen tasks.

There are often gatherings for young people at the camp, and the tour leader will join in the fun. When there's no organized event, you're free to visit other safe places of your choice. We aim to give you as much freedom as possible while ensuring responsible behavior.

Throughout the tour, we treat you as young adults, providing plenty of free time and humor. However, we also understand the importance of meeting parents' expectations. Therefore, certain basic rules apply, and we expect everyone to adhere to them.

The popularity of the tour stems from positive word-of-mouth and the value it brings to its participants, even 30 years later. However, we are aware of past issues with alcohol abuse, exhaustion, and time-wasting. To maintain a safe and enriching experience, alcohol consumption is not allowed on the tour. We prioritize activities that promote learning, growth, and genuine enjoyment.

For those aged 15 to 18 (Grades 10 to 12) in 2024, seeking an affordable and independent European adventure with a focus on education, this tour promises to be a highlight. If shopping for clothes is your sole interest, this may not be the right tour for you.



Our mission is to help teenagers thrive in the global village and achieve success. We do this by empowering you to explore Europe on your own, spending longer periods in each place to achieve our educational goals. Therefore, we plan to stay at least two nights in one place and three nights in three places whenever possible.

Join us on this transformative journey and embrace the opportunities for growth, learning, and unforgettable experiences. Together, we'll make the Jip Tour 2024 the best one yet!