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24 June - 14 July

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June/July Jip Tour Home.

(Media 24, Die Burger, Beeld of Volksblad are not in any way participants in this tour)


After 30 years, the Jip Tour is still an extremely successful and popular tour. Due to changes in our economy as well as the changing desires of young people we have decided to make some alterations to our tour itinerary for 2023.

Amsterdam is a very popular destination and the fact that we rent bicycles for one of the days, makes it an amazing experience. We will visit Amsterdam for 3 nights.

In 2019 we stayed in the Italian Coastal town of Le Spezia. Unfortunately the young people did not experience the same freedom as the have had in Nice in previous years. We have therefore decided to return to Nice in 2023. This will however have an unfortunate impact on the cost of the tour as well as pocket money.

The idea of the tour is that young people get the opportunity to discover the European cities on their own.



The culture of the tour will not change at all. We will mostly stay at camping or youth hostel facilities and we will take part in camping activities, although we will sleep in cabins at the campsites. The popularity of the tour is largely due to this camping culture. Add to this, the fact that we will be renting a bicycle for each person in Amsterdam and you will find you will experience Europe like the Europeans do.

We do most of the cooking, but it will be expected of you to help with smaller tasks. Our full-time chef does most of the work. It is important that you understand that the success of the tour is dependent on your participation. Not just your participation in general activities, but also your participation in the kitchen. This is one of the things that makes the tour special.


Most of the campsites have their own club, pub or entertainment venue. Your tour leader will enjoy these facilities with you. It is important that you understand that these facilities are not going to be the priority on the tour. We enjoy them when available, but we are not going to plan our itinerary according to them. This is not a church tour, but we keep to Christian norms.

You will have to manage your free time responsibly and you also must be responsible when it comes to your own health. If you do not accept that there are certain compulsory activities, this tour is certainly not for you.

On this tour you will be treated as an adult. You will experience this from day one and find you have plenty of free time. We place a high value on humor, but we also know that parents expect us to act responsibly. We will do everything in our power to keep your parents satisfied. This means we will have certain basic rules. If you cannot obey the rules, we kindly ask that you do not apply for this tour. Behavior that can have a negative influence on the tour experience for you or the other people on the tour will not be tolerated.

The tour is popular because previous tour members tell their friends about the tour. Unfortunately, this can lead to certain misconceptions. These misconceptions sometimes include the idea that the tour is a drinking tour, where tourist attractions and travel experiences are big sacrifices and shopping is the only important activity. This is certainly not our idea of what the tour is all about and it will certainly not be in 2023.

In the past alcohol abuse has been a big problem on the tour and we are not afraid to acknowledge it. In 2023 it will not be tolerated on the tour. Young people are still allowed to use alcohol moderately, but drunkenness will never again be part of the tour. In fact, you are not allowed to “drink” on the tour. In the evening you can have a beer or a glass of wine. During the day you can drink water or cool drinks.



If you only want to shop and party, then this tour is not going to be your cup of tea. It is also not a luxury tour. But if you want a fresh, original and affordable tour for young people, then we are looking forward to your application.

For any Gr10- Gr12 students who will be 15-18 years old in 2023 and want a civilized and affordable tour to Europe, this tour can become a highlight of your high school career. The value of the tour lies in the fact that young people learn how to become part of the global village and how to become successful and confident in the world today. This can only happen if everyone subscribes to the goals of the tour.

Education is our passion. We have received international recognition for our role in education. Our methodology is of such a nature that you will not even realize that you are learning. Most probably you will simply enjoy the tour. We are determined to make this tour the best experience imaginable.